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Minister Colm Brophy launches the Our World Irish Aid Awards 2022

Minister Colm Brophy launches the Our World Irish Aid Awards 2022

Minister Brophy with primary school pupils launching the 2022 Our World Irish Aid Awards.

Colm Brophy T.D., Minister for Overseas Development Aid and Diaspora, today launched, enabling thousands of primary school pupils all over Ireland to learn about sustainable development and Ireland’s role in tackling global poverty and climate change. This year’s theme is Wellbeing for People and Planet.

Inviting primary school pupils to take part, Minister Brophy said:

“The big issues facing the world, such as the pandemic and climate change, are influencing the lives of young people. I want to hear their voices and their perspectives on the things that they see are shaping their lives, as well as the lives of millions of others around the world, and how we can make ours a better world.

“The Our World Irish Aid Awards will this year focus on the importance of looking after ourselves, each other and our planet. The awards will raise awareness of the role each and every one of us can play in making our planet a better home for us all. I look forward to primary schools around the country taking part and look forward to seeing their projects later this year.”

The Minister for Education, Norma Foley, TD added her endorsement saying that:

“The Our World Irish Aid Awards are a wonderful opportunity for children in our primary schools to learn about the lives of children in other countries and the ways in which we can all work together for the wellbeing of people and planet. The resources offered to teachers are carefully thought-out and cover many aspects of the curriculum. The Awards offer a host of ready-to-use lesson plans, and a range of thought-provoking, engaging activities and interactive games, encouraging our primary school students to use their creativity to bring their learning about the developing world to life, and inspire them to play a role in creating a better world.”

Primary schools nationwide receive curriculum-linked teaching and learning materials to help teachers and pupils discover more about each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Irish Aid’s eight focus countries. The materials include a pupil’s magazine, lesson plans, activity sheets and online games.

All teaching and learning materials are available in printed and digital format and incorporate all parts of the primary school curriculum in a practical, meaningful and enjoyable way.

Schools are invited to communicate their ideas and understanding of the issues in writing, song, film, artwork or another medium of their choosing.

Minister Brophy with Go Getters magazine

Once again, the Our World Irish Aid Awards will include a series of Global Goal Getters online multi-media magazines featuring projects submitted by pupils around Ireland as a way of showcasing learning, creativity and actions nationwide.

In addition to the opportunity to have a project featured in the Global Goal Getters online multi-media magazines, selected entries will win a place at the National Final Ceremony and will be featured in a special edition printed magazine. There will be additional awards such as Teacher of the Year and the Gaeilge Award for the best entry submitted in Irish, amongst others.

Submissions are now being accepted and the deadline for projects to be considered for inclusion in the first issue of the Global Goal Getters magazine is 7th February 2022, although schools are encouraged to submit projects on an ongoing basis for inclusion in subsequent issues of Global Goal Getters until 8th April 2022. All submissions received before the 7th February will be in with a chance to win a box of sustainable art supplies.

Notes to Editors

  • Photographs will be issued to picture desks.
  • Irish Aid is the Government’s overseas assistance programme. It is managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs. For further information see www.irishaid.ie
  • This year pupils will learn about the work Ireland has been doing with schools in Sierra Leone where children were forced to learn from home while their schools were closed in order to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. With funding from Irish Aid, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) worked with the Government of Sierra Leone to make Life Skills lessons to air over the radio. These Life Skills lessons covered things like how to look after your mental health, friendship, gender equality and children’s rights. When schools were closed because of Covid-19, these radio lessons helped to make sure that children in Sierra Leone could continue to get a good education. Each radio lesson was recorded by teachers using storytelling and songs and included the voices of young people to make the lessons more interesting. To make sure that all children in Sierra Leone could listen to the radio lessons, Irish Aid supported UNFPA and the Women in Crisis Movement to give 2,000 radios to girls from poorer families.
  • For more information on how to take part in the Our World Irish Aid Awards 2022 please visit http://ourworldirishaidawards.ie/

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