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International Organisations

In an increasingly globalised world, rich and poor countries share a common interest in tackling global challenges such as poverty and inequality, climate change, poor health and HIV and AIDS, hunger and conflict. Because of their size and global mandate, international organisations, such as the United Nations, the European Union and World Bank, are uniquely placed to make a significant difference in global efforts to reduce poverty.

We use our membership of these organisations to ensure that their policies and programmes meet the needs of poor men and women, boys and girls. And we channel more than one third of our official development assistance through these organisations thus giving us the opportunity to make a difference in a greater number of countries.  

Operational Framework for Ireland's Multilateral Engagement on Development

‌Covid-19 Vaccination Distribution by UNDP in Bangladesh in 2020 Photo credit: UNDP‌

‌This Operational Framework for Multilateral Engagement on Development responds to a recommendation by the OECD DAC and is an important tool for Irish Aid in implementing the Government's International Development Policy, 'A Better World' in the multilateral arena. It outlines guiding principles for the Department of Foreign Affairs' partnerships with multilateral organisations in relation to development cooperation. We will base our support on our policy priorities, and on the performance of our multilateral partners, whilst promoting harmonisation and reform, and ensuring predictability in our approach.